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Aha !!! One more from Facebook archives. Here is an image shot out of sheer boredom. What do you do when you are bored to death ?!? Well one just picks up the camera keeps calm & shoots any thing in the vicinity. That’s exactly what I did to get this image and just to have a bit more fun I shot again in Monochrome and then just to pass a bit more time I thought why not tinker with the image in Photoshop. Finally, after about 30 minutes of sheer non-sense here I am presenting to you the end result — “THE BURNING STICK” !!!

No, c’mon every image doesn’ need to be accompanied by all those technical data and numbers. This photo was shot to have fun and lets keep the fun element going by throwing those serious looking numbers out of the window at least for once.

DISCLAIMER : This image doesn’t intend to encourage smoking in any manner and any of you smoking during or after viewing this is purely coincidental and neither me nor the image shall be responsible for any one of you ending up with a pair of BEYOND-ANY-HOPE-OF-CURING-LUNGS.

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I shot this frame a few months back during a visit to Kolkata’s favourite ADDA joint – COFFEE HOUSE. I was there with my girlfriend and busy chatting when I suddenly saw this man sitting all alone and deeply engrossed in the book (which is quite a common sighting in Coffee House) amidst all the chatter around him. I immediately picked up the camera but as I looked through the view finder this frame unfolded. The two friends were having a jolly good time and this view between the two of them of the lone man really made for a very interesting scene. It struck my mind that even though two is company but being all alone with a book can be equally enjoyable.

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