Yes, I am a Photographer

Yes, I am and I proudly call myself one and you should call yourself one too if you are serious about shooting photographs. Now you must be thinking how crazy can I be to proclaim myself as a photographer in spite of the fact that I am an amateur and not having sold a single photo ever. Well just to confirm your doubts a bit more I never even had a 100 likes on a photo in Facebook, my highest being 56. Also I never get more than 3 shares for a photo out of which 2 are generally myself sharing on different platforms neither have any of my photos gone viral on Twitter (not even a +1 on Google Plus). By now I am sure you have designated me as the most pathetic wannabe photographer ever. But I shall still call myself a photographer because to me calling myself a photographer is all about the confidence to prove myself as a competent photographer. If I myself can’t class myself as a photographer how can I expect somebody else to do so. In order to earn the confidence and trust of another person I shall have to come across as a confident enough and competent enough individual.

Statements like “Photography is just a hobby” or “I am just an enthusiast” only serves the purpose of making one appear as unsure and not confident of one’s own abilities.

Just like showing off, undue modesty can be equally damaging. Its always better to have faith in one’s abilities and to back oneself accordingly; at the same time its also important to be aware of one’s limitations but that doesn’t necessitate the act of undermining oneself.

So next time if someone asks if you are a photographer be confident enough to call yourself one irrespective of how good or bad you are or whether you are an amateur or professional.


I am sure you have something to say :)

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